Proprietary Products -



StarFinder™ uses mind expanding techniques to help consumers identify product benefits and new products that fulfill their unarticulated needs. Unarticulated needs are sub-conscious, below-the-surface, emotional and experiental.

Multiple methods are required for extracting the needs that are deeply embedded in the mind and to stimulate creative and intuitive thinking.


  • Anthropomorphic Methods: Projecting motivations and behavior to innate objects, situations, and phenomena.


  • Metaphors: Enables the mind to leap from one thought and area to another, be intuitive, create new and different kinds of ideas and associations.


  • Projective Methods: Enables consumer to express thoughts, feelings and associations that they are not aware of.

StarFinder gets deep inside the motivations and thoughts of consumers to identify ways that categories and products can deliver against the unarticulated needs that may exist in their lives. In enables consumers to think beyond their current experiences, into their sub-conscious wants and needs, to help YOU predict their behavior. 

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