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Core Services -

Market Research     

Qualitative Market Research

People's behavior is a reflection of their inner needs and motives, but these needs and motives are not easily articulated. We use creative and diversified techniques to enable consumers to articulate them verbally and visually.
  • Anthropomorphic Methods
  • Metaphors
  • Projective Methods
  • Laddering
  • Mind Mapping
  • And Others.

Our team includes a behavioral psychologist with years of experience understanding the drivers of behavior across many categories.

Quantitative Market Research

By applying the psychology of consumer behavior to marketing and business problem-solving, we help companies hone in on precisely what makes customers think, act and make purchases the way they do. This includes an in-depth understanding of the personality traits, motivations and personal needs that drive the behavior. Knowing this enables companies to fashion products and messages that cater to the drivers of behavior.
  • Concept Development and Evaluation
  • Product Development and Evaluation
  • Brand Image and Positioning
  • Copy Testing
  • Promotion Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Young Children and Teen Research
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Advertising and Program Tracking
  • Attitude and Usage Studies
  • Price Optimization
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Database Analysis
  • Problem Detection
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